I’ve always wanted to write a blog, just never got around to doing it. I felt someone else had something better to say and there were too many voices online – actually it was me hiding behind my laziness to take the time to sit, reflect and write and also the fear of putting myself out there to be judged!

Starting this new phase of life as a mum I realised this was a journey that’s forever going to change me and my life is no longer for me but for this little person I’ve brought into this world. At that moment I decided I never want to tell her to do stuff or believe in things I never did or was too lazy to pursue. Plus there’s so much each day with her is unbelievable how much you have to learn and keep up with. So I’ve decided to sit, reflect and write no matter how chaotic things are. I’m in the process of learning the fine art of balancing wife, mum and career but I’m confident I’ll get it right after a bit of tweaks here and there.

This 7 months I’ve been home on maternity leave, I come to conclusion that my job is not who I am, I know I will be great without it, but it is another layer to me that makes my life interesting, it’s an additional avenue to create impact and influence beyond my private sphere of life, plus it pays the bills

So I don’t intend to be a stay at home mum, except I start my own business. So I plan to grow in my career and truly explore all there is within the corporate world. But in my mind, I’m not taking for granted that it would be easy – but it’s a road many strong women with great partners (and sometimes without) have gone and excelled at so I’m sure I’ll be just fine.

This blog for me is a where to have a conversation with the broader world and share my experience as I go along on this adventure. I’ve debated on how honest I should be – but I believe so much in authenticity – so here will be #mylittlecolorfullife as a wife, mum and career woman.