It’s almost the end of the year and what a full-on year it’s been. I can still remember the start of 2016, we were driving home to see my hubby’s folks and it was one of those sing-along, laugh and dote on each other road trip. It was pure bliss! My pregnancy sickness had subsided, we had a great Christmas celebration and I was looking forward to meeting my little munchkin. It was perfection all around.

Coming back to the UK and getting stuck into life as I know it, I was determined to have a fruitful year and try out new things. I remember saying “I will live in the now and not keep thinking of when the perfect future happens”; which is what my previous years had been – planning for the future and missing out sometimes on the now. Hence, it was about enjoying the process; good or bad. I like to believe I plunged myself into the year and slowly ticked off stuff from my list (yes I’m a culprit of the New Year resolution hype). The one thing I did not fully prepare myself for I would have to say is dealing with all the people drama came my way which made up some of my lows for the year. However the good thing about it all is that I got to realise that finding strength and having confidence in myself is critical (not that I didn’t know this, but I was reminded how important it is).

A major part of my year was spent on championing diversity, and I have to say it’s been the hardest thing I’ve poured myself into. Unconscious bias I’m sure would have been one of my most used words and I feel this journey has just started for me. I had to critically look at myself and address my own unconscious bias to be able to hold people for theirs, especially senior professionals you would think would have a hang of this by now. Anyway, the journey continues and the resilience to deal with the fall out is most needed next year.

I don’t believe I am the “captain of my ship” that’s God’s job, but I believe I’m the instigator of my future. So 2017 is all about growing me not just for me sake but for my daughters’. I’m realising each day I am responsible for this little one and how she perceives the world around her and how she fits into it.

Even more sadly in 2016 are the lives lost; those nameless and those famous. I knew no one personally or was really into the art of the famous ones but my heart goes out to those hurting and mourning. They say time heals all things – I like to think it dulls it away and gets you preoccupied.

This year has truly been a bonkers year as well – I mean look at the world around you and all the stuff that’s happened, how did we get here. There is definitely more space for empathy and some honest conversations. However, I always believe that change (regardless of whether it is perceived as good or not) brings with it opportunity.

As I look into 2017, I still have weight loss on my agenda, lol! But more importantly I plan to have fun and scare myself with what I do. My daughter, Zoe will be crawling and walking next year – what a whole new world that will be. At the moment the girl tests every ounce of my patience, honestly it could be frustrating but I love her too much to send her back so she’s stuck with me. So I need to get some tips from the guru mums in my life to teach me their techniques to manage her energy. Also, getting my groove back is totally on the agenda. Pregnant, first-time, always busy mum needs to chill for a bit and let’s explore the potential of this new me.

Considering I can’t do much with a baby on NYE, I might end up having an “Olivia Pope” moment; a glass of red wine and a bowl of popcorn watching the manic firework display that I’m sure will erupt on my street. Whatever you will be doing for NYE, I hope 2017 blows your mind in a good way.

Cheers and see you in a bit 2017 xx