I’ve got a little over 24hours left before I resume back to work and I can’t believe it’s time already. I took 8 months off and at the start of my leave I thought it was going to be bloody long, well this has definitely been the shortest 8 months of my life. I had a plan of how prepared I would be ahead of resuming. I was to give myself a good pamper a week before; nails, massage, hair, shopping the full works but that has so not happened, not even top 3 priority! Phew.

I just spent the last few hours rummaging through my wardrobe trying to find something that fits and would do justice to my post baby tummy by giving it a good cover up. Nothing seems to work and with me still breastfeeding, mummy boobs isn’t making it any easy. I can feel that sad, too fat thought creeping in to take over a prime position in my mind. I hate this and I’m not about to get myself down & blue. So I’ve decided to make myself a cup of coffee and pick up my gratitude journal to write down what I’m grateful for because I sometimes forget that and get all hung up on stuff.
Fact: I gave birth 6 months ago and I haven’t gotten around to loosing the baby weight as much as I would love too and that’s okay, doesn’t make me less beautiful or sexy. Hopefully with me going back to work I can get back to my healthy routine. 

Okay weight issues aside I think I’m now ready to go back to work (largely due to the fact I’ve finally settled childcare – which needs its own post). I’m looking forward to getting back to my own thing, doing what I’m good at and gearing up for the next phase of my career. The only thing I’m not sure of yet is how I’ll manage with missing my little person – I’ve spent every moment with her for the past 6 months and now a full chunk of my day will be without her, I sense it will be a tough one and I’m so not looking forward to this part of going back. 
Another thing I feel a bit unprepared for is potentially expressing at work, not sure if I have too yet, but most likely will as Zoe has refused formula and I need to provide milk for the nursery. I’ve started expressing and storing in the freezer to create a little bank for her first few weeks. I’ll see how that goes, might mean I still need to wear my breastfeeding tops come to think of it. Yoh! The things you get to worry about in this new amazing life.
My Apple Watch has just reminded me to “Take a minute to breathe” – perfect timing ….. I’ll take a deep breath now and just chill because it’s going to be alright. 

If you’ve got any tips to share on going back to work after maternity I’d love to hear from you x