It’s a new week and I’m fully getting into the swing of things. Last week was full of highs and lows and I’m praying this week is more of the highs.

Zoe started nursery last week and settled in pretty fast. First day in nursery wasn’t so easy for her and me. My baby cried most of the day and I just felt this strange heaviness all day at work and i was so looking forward to picking her up. By day 2 my little champion was totally ready and aced the day like a boss and did so all through the remaining of the week. There was no more crying I was told, she played more with other kids and she even made a new friend. I’m so happy to know she’s settling in well and getting a hang of it and her face when I pick her up beams with so much joy which made each day come full circle in a very good way. However, the real gem of last week was Zoe finally taking formula all through the week and even more surprising – sleeping through the night. Which has been a huge welcome but my delight was cut short by Friday when she took ill (I know everyone warned me she would get all sort at nursery). But this was the first time she’s been sick and it was heartbreaking for me. Was also weird seeing her refusing to eat her food, considering how much of a foodie she has become. Thankfully a mixture Calpol, a milk only diet weekend and an overdose of love has her feeling much better, still a bit clingy though. I’m hoping going back to nursery today after the weekend won’t be too hard for her. On a differnt note, It’s individual photo shoot day today at her nursery and i can’t wait to see the pictures – she loves the camera 🙂

This weekend I was reminded of how little the control I have over Zoe especially over stuff like sickness but I’m glad there is a God who has sole control and being able to rely on him and be carried through is a blessing I no longer take for granted. All in all I had a great week and looking forward to an even bigger one this week with new milestones.

Have a fabulous week everyone x