Life happens is something you hear a lot and I have to say I’m truly beginning to understand what that means. It’s been awhile since I picked up my phone to write – life has been happening. However, today is one of those few days I don’t have a to-do list that eats up my “me time” during my morning commute to work. I sense it’s gonna be a good day x

Today is International Women’s day and all over the world Women will be celebrated, the female  agenda will be highlighted and pushed further in its journey while at the same time some women will cover their pain, bear the grunt of an unfair world, hope and dream of more. Yes that’s the world we live in – not balanced or perfect but made a little better by every good act.

I’ve never been a loud advocate but I am a supporter of many and today like any other day I believe in education for her, equal opportunity for her, good healthcare for her, protection and respect for her and most importantly celebration and delight in her. Being a mum makes me reflect on a few Women that have shaped me and challenged me.

I celebrate these women today! They may not be famous but they have strength unfathomable.

  • My mum: she’s the strongest and bravest woman I know. Her passion for her family, her desire for us to have more, her determination to stretch herself beyond believe to give us better has made me who I am today and compels me to be more for my daughter. She taught me to me to work hard, to live beyond a man and to trust my instinct.
  • My godmother: though she’s passed on, she was an entrepreneur extraordinaire – A teacher, baker, tailor, florist. Name it, she did it. She was a woman who paved her own way in life and lived full and loud. I loved the way she would boast about me – was a really good confidence booster!
  • My Literature teacher in secondary school (can’t remember her name for the life of me). I still can picture her really slim frame, her soft voice and deep eyes that held lots of untold story. She was the first person outside of my family I can clearly remember to tell me I was special and loved the way my mind processed worked. Just to impress her I read “The beautiful Ones are not yet born” by Ayi Kwei Armah and trust me at 15 that wasn’t an easy book to read and write a paper on.

My life is full of great women; from my Sister-in-laws, to friends from university, friends from church and work … their stories are full and colourful, their dreams are bold and inspiring.

Happy International Women’s day to you all and cheers to the journey x