The last 3 weeks have been draining to say the least. Don’t get me wrong there have been great moments of joy but overall it’s been a little challenging dealing with all the teething drama.

Zoe started teething and without a doubt I was sure this time. There was no drooling involved just good old-fashioned cranky baby with burning fever, diarrhoea, loss of apatite and very swollen gums. My sweet baby was down! I personally thought this had to be something else; how does teeth popping out have such an effect on the rest of the body. But yup it was teething alright – thanks to an emergency A&E visit when her fever went over 40 degree. We were sent home to comfort our baby and wait it out. If you know me you know waiting isn’t my strongest virtue.

Calpol became the constant in our day – to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was helping much after day 4. But we stuck to it alongside other teething remedies and good old non-stop cuddling and cold water compress for her fever.

The  low apatite and restless sleeping got to me  as the lack of sleep was making my day at worker much harder. Also, we were just entering the space of her sleeping through the night and then this happened taking us backwards. Most importantly watching her move to an all formula milk diet (as she’s officially off breast milk) made me appreciate breastfeeding and how cost-effective it is.

Honestly my heart broke for her – I could only imagine how much pain she must have felt and that moved me to be extra loving! Any ways, we are out of the woods for now with one tiny tooth finally out. Not to sound ungrateful I was hoping after all that drama a minimum of 2 would pop out together. But we are enjoying our one tiny tooth for the moment and causing a lot of havoc with it.

I’m now well prepared for the next teething phase with a few learning from my recent experience

  • Be open to try different things when soothing teething pain – giving baby options to decide worked well for us. We explored, teething rings, cold teething keys, Sophie the Giraffe, cushion rolls (similar texture to stress balls), teething granules, cold veggie sticks just to name a few 🙂
  • Finger rub on the gum is golden – with clean fingers of course 
  • Be prepared for anything – from bum rash to explosive poo or even excessive coughing
  • Be patient with baby (if you are like me) this is a phase and it would soon be over
  • Don’t get burnt out – try to find little Zen moments to recharge. Use your support system as much as possible

What have you used to battle Teething pain/discomfort with  your baby?