It’s Good Friday and it’s been ages since I sat to write and today is a good day to write. It’s a holiday here in the UK and it’s quiet in my house. Hubby is asleep and same as Zoe whose been sleeping now for over 10 hours straight – yup the sleep Gini has been good to me. I’m currently listening to Havard Business Review podcast on Spotify on Emotional Agility. Oh I definitely need to get the book to read.

How do you overcome emotional labour (experiencing difficult situation) in the work place? According to the report there are two ways people deal with emotional labour – Bottling (push it aside and try to rationalise it) and Brooding (Over analysing and over obsesses around why things are not working) can either be done individually or co-breeding. Funny both have the same outcome which hinder your ability to solve the core problem!

Hmmmm… which am I? I’m definitely a Brooder for sure – who becomes a ticking time bomb. But I love the way the lady explains how your emotion takes total control of you; “your emotion has you hooked”. At the end of the day our power to choose between that space of emotional stimulus and action is critical.

As humans we have a minimum of 16,000 unspoken thoughts each day – wow! Imagine if our mouth opens up every time, what a freaking disaster that will be. But it’s also amazing that out of all those thoughts it’s just a few that takes hold of us and ends up controlling and influencing your day and decision. Do we give our thoughts too much power?

This has finally got me thinking about Zoe and how I manage conversations with her to ensure she understands her emotions are not bigger than who she is and can make decisions above them and push past them … hopefully I get this right!

Crazy how a podcast has totally derailed me from what I wanted to write –lol! Well I’ll leave my battle with Zoe’s dry skin for another post. I can hear someone crying which means I’m done writing. Let the day begin.

All this brings to mind the following scriptures;

“Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of life flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23 – GW Version)

“…. The things people say come from inside the” (Luke 6:45 –GW version)